Your home needs something to make it unique and beautiful. A special touch only money can buy. Check out these mind-blowing home accessories.

Melting Clock

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s famous artwork, this image is of several melting wall clocks, a symbol of time, among other things.

UFO Table Lamp

A must-have accessory for your bedside table. This is a rotating LED light in three colors that you can regulate. It’s a great alternative to the conventional night light. It will make your bedroom look really trendy and cool.

SweetTooth Donut Pillow

This pillow comes in multiple varieties printed on both of its sides. It’s great if you have a sweet tooth and love donuts or if you have little kids and perfect for your bedroom or living room.

Solar Shift – Floating Lamp

This quirky little night lamp piqued our interest with its switch hanging in mid-air. It really does away with the monotony of switching on a night lamp with a traditional switch!

LED Glow Coaster

The LED Glow Coaster is probably on everyone’s list of coolest things to buy online in 2019. At least everyone who has a bar at home. It has LED lights and takes care of ambience and cleanliness all at once.

Levitating Moon Lamp

You can use this magnetic levitating moon lamp as a night light for your children’s bedroom. It comes in yellow and white, can also serve as table decoration, and can be rotated 360 degrees.

Cut-proof gloves

These are not only cool, but highly practical. A great present for that special person who’s always cutting themselves while cooking. They are made of wire mesh and guarantee full protection for your hands, no matter how sharp or big your knives are.

iLife Robot Vacuum

It’s never easy to clean a house, but someone’s gotta do it. Enter the iLife Robot Vacuum – your best friend in house-cleaning.

Electric Fly Trap

The modern fly catcher is handy to keep at home and a perfect travel accessory. It works with batteries or a USB cable. It has a rotating box that traps the flies. You can use honey or sugar to attract them and they are simply swept away into the box, which you then clean and reuse.

Desktop Zen Garden

This calming accessory is ideal for homes and offices.

Floating Fridge Ice Chest

Finally, this little device can hold your drinks in the pool efficiently. It floats on water and has a section where you can keep ice along with your chilled drinks.