It can be hard to find the coolest site online when there are so many available. Lots of us really don’t know that a lot of really cool sites exist on the internet that can amaze with their features. Sometimes it can be nice to take a break from traditional websites and relax while you work. Here is a list of cool new sites in 2019.

Great Language Game

This site is perfect for anyone who thinks they are really good at recognizing different languages. It is a good way to test knowledge because it is estimated that more than six thousand languages are spoken across the globe.  Also, this website keeps you entertained as you try to figure out which language is being played live.


AI is here for all those times when you feel lonely and can’t express yourself or have no one to express yourself to. This AI program has been designed with one single purpose in mind: interacting with humans.


This is the most futuristic site you’ll come across this year. The simple purpose of the website is to keep the readers updated with every single piece of futuristic news that may be a major step in the right direction for us in the field of medicine, science, or technology.

Behind The Name

You may have struggled with the choice of an interesting pseudonym for yourself, be it for an anonymous social media account or for an online game avatar. The name says it all – this site will help you select the perfect name from a huge variety of categories ranging from Danish to Biblical.


This is a site about strange phenomena that occur around us, unbeknownst to us. It explores every bizarre thing and keeps you updated through articles from various sections.

Mental Floss

Have you ever found out about something and wondered how it appeared to begin with? This website tries to give an answer to all your questions with a large number of facts about history, pop culture, science, and more. Don’t miss it.


This is a great site for guitar enthusiasts. All you need to do is upload a link (from Soundcloud or YouTube, or your own collection) to the song you want to learn how to play. The website will recognize the songs and teach you. It really helps!


When you have had enough of Netflix, switch to this site for some of the calmest videos you’ll ever hope to see – to help you sleep.

Don’t Even Reply

Finally, someone took the time to reply to every single ad on Craig’s List. It’s hilarious!